Building a home is more than the actual building materials.  It is creating the “perfect” space for you and your family.  In order to build the “perfect” space you’ll need to find a solid house plan.   Check out the additional menu options for plans at your fingertips from Don Gardner.

What do you think about when choosing a plan?

 1.  The size of home that best suits your lifestyle:  Sq. Footage of home to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms

 2.  Floor Plan Design Style:  Do you prefer an open floor plan or something more compartmentalized?  Think of how you would decorate and place your furniture in the layout….the more open the floor plan the more your color choices will need to compliment and flow throughout the space.

 3.  House Type in reference to Location:  You may be building in a subdivision with restrictions/guidelines.  Your building lot could have plenty of space for a one story with a bigger floor plan footprint.  You may need to go to a 2 story home to allow for the living space you require while maintaining a decent size yard

4.  Pros and Cons:  There is no such thing as perfect.   Odds are there will be a little give and take on what your dream may be to what your budget can afford.  You may dream of a big walk-in mosaic tiled shower with multiple shower heads and heated floors, however your budget may not allow for it.  Only you can decide where your budget dollars go.

   5.  House Plans are adjustable:  You could take a wall of closets:  make smaller section of closet and add a built-in desk off the side.  Maybe remove a window from the side of house to add additional wall space.  Whether you are purchasing them from a blue print company/architect or with your builder in the field, house plans are adjustable.

6.  Trust your instincts:  You know what you like.  If it doesn’t feel right, it probably won’t be right.  Don’t be afraid to partner with a realtor or design professional for thoughts on energy efficiency, cost vs. manageable mortgage, school districts…

 7.  Furniture & Decorations:   It may  seem premature to be thinking about furniture when choosing the bones of your home, but it’s not.  Do you have existing pieces that you want to be sure to have a spot for?  Think about it now.


Home is where the heart is…. a place to Live, Laugh, and Love.  We’re here to help you make that dream a reality.