We are pleased to announce a new line to Valley Building Supply: aqua chem products for pool maintenance.  Aqua Chem has a 4 step system to maintain a sparkling blue swimming pool all summer long and prevent problems before they begin.  By regularly testing your water, you can save time and money by avoiding costly problems.  Catching an issue and treating it early on can save lots of headaches in the long run and leave more time for pool side fun.

Follow Aqua Chem’s easy 4 step Process:

Step 1:  Balance –  Use Balance and Protect PH adjusters to keep the chemicals working effectively

Step 2:  Chlorinate –  It is necessary to sanitize and kill bacteria and algea.

Step 3:  Shock – Works to remove contaminants that cause cloudy water

Step 4:  Algae – Utilize Algae Eliminator Max to stop green algae as it starts or kill existing algae blooms

Water Testing Kits and Additional Specialty solutions are also available to keep your pool water beautiful all summer long.  From Skimmers to hoses to chemicals, we will stock a variety of pool maintenance products.  We would love your feedback on additional items you would like to see us carry.