Protect Your Investment with Rust-Oleum® Deck and Concrete Restore™

Each year nearly three million new decks are built in the United States and an additional three million are replaced or repaired largely due to poor maintenance according to the North American Deck and Railing Association. The price for a deck using hardwoods or composite materials costs upwards of $35 per square foot according to HGTV With the average size of a deck spanning 300 square feet, the cost to replace or build a new deck can run upwards of $10,000. However, thanks to new innovative technology, there’s a solution that is a fraction of the cost of deck replacement – Rust-Oleum® Deck and Concrete Restore™.

Deck and Concrete Restore is an easy to apply repair coating that revives the surface while offering maximum protection to preserve the deck for years to come. Boasting ten times the thickness of regular paint or stain, it is formulated to resurface most wooden and composite decks and concrete patios. The perfect solution for decks that are structurally sound, but aesthetically unattractive, Deck and Concrete Restore encapsulates splinters and fills cracks, making a safe, beautiful, slip-resistant surface that is barefoot friendly. It is also ideal for concrete surfaces such as walkways, steps, patios, porches and more.

“The backyard – and the deck – is an important ‘room’ in our homes. Unfortunately due to harsh weather conditions decks take a lot of abuse,” said Joel Tressler, director of marketing for Rust-Oleum Restore. “Most homeowners think the only solution to revive a battered deck is replacement. Thanks to Deck and Concrete Restore, homeowners can now protect their investment and reclaim this extra ‘room’ and start enjoying it again without spending a small fortune.”

Deck and Concrete Restore offers a scuff, peel and chip-resistant finish that withstands temperature changes, heavy foot traffic and furniture abrasion. The product is a pre-mixed, water-based, one-part polymer coating containing synthetic and mineral pigments.

Deck and Concrete Restore repels water but is also breathable, which allows water vapor to pass through the film helping to resist blistering and peeling.

With Deck and Concrete Restore, do-it-yourselfers can completely transform their deck or patio in three easy steps:
• Step 1: Clean the surface with Restore Deck and Concrete Cleaner.
• Step 2: Apply Deck and Concrete Restore on to the surface using a Restore Roller.
• Step 3: Allow the coating to dry for 3-6 hours and repeat Step 2.

Most applications can be completed in a weekend and the surface can be walked on within 48 hours of application.

Deck Concrete and Restore is available in 60 popular colors or it can be custom-tinted so homeowners can achieve any look they desire. It is available in the following sizes: one-gallon cans that cover approximately 25 square feet with two coats; four-gallon pails that cover approximately 100 square feet with two coats and a kit that includes two one-gallon cans of Deck and Concrete Restore and one nine inch Restore Roller that will cover approximately 50 square feet with two coats. Rust-Oleum Deck and Concrete Restore is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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