Shingled Roofs are found in most residential homes, some commercial projects, and in storage buildings to compliment the home in belongs to. Your home is a big investment the right roof is essential in keeping out the elements and is a great way to increase the value of your home.

There are a variety of Shingle options available from 3 Tab to 3 Dimensional Shingles with varying warranties. There are also a variety of brands and special features available.

We have chosen to stock Tamko Shingles in 3-Tab 20 Year Limited Warranty, 3-Tab 25 Year Limited Warranty and 3-Dimensional 30 Year Limited Warranty. These are available in a variety of colors to suit the project you have in mind.

Additional Brands, Styles, and Types of Shingles are available to order in with minimal lead time. See a team member for assistance and additional information.

Find the following Tamko Colors (Natural Timber, Oxford Grey, Rustic Black, Weather Wood, Shadow Grey, Rustic Evergreen, Rustic Hickory and Rustic Cedar) In-Stock and Pictured Below: